From 01 to October 31, 2017


A real cultural institution for more than 25 years, the international festival Madajazzcar has been growing, inflaming a whole generation of music lovers of the Great Island and has forged an international renown. Definitely unavoidable, when jazz music is evoked in the Southern Hemisphere, the event federates each year, renowned jazzmen coming from all around the world. Its prestigious reputation has allowed the last edition to brighten the city of the Thousand. In October, the public of the capital lives one month non-stop jazz music experience and let themselves be carried away by the sound of music. From Antsahamanitra to the German-Malagasy Circle, passing by the Alliance française of Antananarivo and the Antaninarenina garden, not forgetting the KuDéTa stage at Carlton in Anosy, the Café de la Gare in Soarano, Antananarivo and the American Center in Tanjombato, jazz music has gained a lot by being rediscovered to an increasingly large audience. This year the festival takes place in October.